Section 72

Preparation is key…

Tell your beneficiaries where your will is.

It’s fantastic to make a will. Like I mentioned before, it brings clarity to a frequently challenging and fraught time for others. It can also save a considerable amount of time and administration when dealing with the estate of a deceased person.

Whilst it’s great to have a will, how are others supposed to know who to get in touch with after your death to get access to this will? Likewise, you may hold a number of bank accounts or other types of accounts and assets with different providers. Where are the deeds for your house? Typically speaking, the larger the value of the estate, the more usual it would be for things to be organised and planned for well in advance of death, but none of us really know when this eventuality will actually happen.

Our suggestion to help with this is for you to complete a very simple document that details where the basics are held. What is your PPSN, who holds the latest copy of your will, where are your life assurance policy documents located etc. etc.

This is by no means a replacement for a will, which is a very specific document, ideally drawn up with a solicitor. This is just a tool to make finding your documents and relevant contacts all that bit easier. Feel free to add additional pages to it, but group them all together afterwards.

If you would like some assistance or guidance on completing this form or if we can be of any assistance with guiding you on any element of your estate planning, please phone Brian Whelan on 01 668 6136 or complete our contact form here.

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