Section 72

The Importance of Making a Will.

We strongly suggest you read through more detailed information as issued by Citizen’s Information –

Making a will is not a treat, but it is something that we should all do. Why? Because clarity is wonderful. It sets out very clearly what we would like to happen, not just financially, upon our death.

Of course many of us avoid it like the plague as it is surely an invitation of immediate death, but, whilst I haven’t studied the statistics, I suspect they would show very little evidence of correlation between drawing up a will and dying shortly afterwards, unless you study wills drawn up by people over the age of 90.

The best first step to take when planning your will is to have a conversation with your partner (if applicable) and those you choose to be your beneficiaries.  Imagine that!  Communication regarding death (or anything really) within an Irish family!

The second step to take is to talk to a solicitor.  They know the ins and outs – it’s what they do.  Give Alan Wallace from Mangan O’Beirne Solicitors a call on 01 668 4333 if you don’t know one. 

Keep an eye on their website. Any changes to legislation etc. will be updated here. It’s a great resource for factual, up to date, information on many things.

If you have any questions regarding your will, planning for distribution of your estate or anything to do with organising Section 72 Insurance in Ireland, please contact us and we can either help you directly or put you in touch with someone who can.

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